Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome artists and thinkers!

As the title suggests, welcome all creatives, eccentrics, odd and bizarre Cairns underground!

What is this blog about? was started for aspiring local musicians and artists to post their works for community recognition and critique.

I make digital music and know many friends who crank out hot tasty beats on their Macs in darkened rooms that no one ever hears. Tis' time to release these tentacles of the creative mind, these fibres of imagination and reflections of the soul, to the audience of Cairns and beyond for all to share and evolve.

Not limited to the above, Cairns Underground is a fertile soapbox for the youth voice of Cairns. Cast your opinions into the sea of thought provoking topics.......make this the alternative to the few strained pen holders and article instigators of the local media and print.

Without further ado, I unleash the Cairns Underground blog. Make it real and make it your own!


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