Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cerebral Implant - RFID chips, new music &

You can now find me on the blog rollcall @ CairnsBlog.Net......the scribe over there was being extremely helpful when he did this..along with inquiring if I'd like to advertise on his site. I thought this was a generous offer....until I was told all advertising is paid!

Now this might be his business send a friend request on facebook, comment on your blog and then cast in a line.......uncool.

This new music - Cerebral Implant - has an RFID theme. I had Swine Flu when I was in China but didn't take any medication for it. I just toughed it out on the couch with DVD's and takeaway meals. It was quite peculiar as almost all the Chinese teachers were given the vaccine shot, only the foreign teachers missed out. I wasn't too upset however, as I'd watched a conspiracy documentary on governments using the Swine flu vaccine as a way to inject nano RFID's into unsuspecting people of interest......and lord knows.....I'm of little interest to anyone! HA!

Never get the Swine Flu vaccine! HPS74!

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