Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guerilla Marketing idea to help Cairns tourism market

A flash of simple brilliance came to me this morning, pondering the tourism scene in Cairns. I spent a number of years in the 90's schlepping away on Green island and as guide for Foaming Fury.

More recently I've spent 9 years in China.....anyway, back to my idea.....

Asian people, especially Chinese pax travelling in groups, enjoy passing the time playing cards. It's a fact.

I suggest a local company print playing cards with pictures of all the optional tours available in Cairns. 52 company ads in the hands of tourists....staring them right in the face.

Think about it.......the plethora of brochures that line the tour desk walls scattered around Cairns.....Chinese tourists never get to see because they're not FITs.

Imagine if they had the cards issued when they paid in full in China. They'd have time to obviously play a few hands of cards, and see the wonderful optional tours Cairns has to offer....before they got here. They'd be ready to try what ever took their interest.

Bulk printed cards would cost nothing! For a smaller company to get exposure it would be great...for the bigger companies.....decision could be made and prebooked before arriving!

I believe this idea is cost effective, targeted at one of our largest markets and feasible.

I've posted this idea on my site as well as here.....to make sure I'm involved in the process. If you are interested in further discussion....contact me via email.


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  1. Seriously? You contradict yourself within your own statement. The Chinese (generally) are not FIT's and do not book independent tours. In many cases their visa's require them to have a package tour booked anyway. Realistic marketing to the Chinese market is at the wholesale and major retail level, not the traveler level, as you even infer yourself.......