Friday, February 1, 2013

Pocket Footy - Aussie Rules in your pocket! by Hamish Sterling

Pocket Footy - Aussie Rules in your pocket! by Hamish Sterling  (Link HERE)

Pocket Footy is up on Pozible - seeking some generous crowdfunding pledgers! I'm using the same model as Pocket Cricket, but now you have t he chance to join the journey and contribute to the game as it evolves!

If you don't know what crowdfunding's a platform to raise money for new ideas to move into the marketplace. Traditionally, you'd have to go and chat to the banks and borrow money, but crowdfunding is an exciting new way to fund projects.

Now, it has to start with family and friends...and every project needs the first few brave pledgers to start the project on its way. Sharing the link with people you may know, who may want to be an Angel investor is another great way to help.

There are cool rewards on offer in return for your support. Check it out and help the second game for Pocket Sports, kick a goal!

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